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According to Jeanne, Papa never talked about the time he spent at Fort Lincoln but she's pretty sure that "something terrible had happened to him" there that turned him into a violent, abusive drunk. While we may never know exactly what Jeanne's father went through, another "enemy alien" spilled the beans. You'll read excerpts from the diary of Toyojiro Suzuki to see what daily life was like for those held captive and figure out how it might have affected Papa's mental stability.

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Step 1: Your teacher will divide the class into small groups and assign each group a specific section of Suzuki's diary to read. Stick to the highlighted portions only. Step 2: Use the Diary Entry Chart to keep track of the words and phrases Suzuki uses to describe the physical, social, and emotional environment of Fort Lincoln.

Don't worry if you can't fill in every box on the chart—your classmates will help you with that. Go team. Repeat the process until you have a few examples for each section of the chart. Step 4: Now that you have a better sense of what Suzuki experienced at Fort Lincoln, think about how this environment may have affected Papa.

Farewell to Manzanar

Consider what he was like before he was imprisoned there. Jeanne describes him as "a poser, a braggart, and a tyrant. Step 5: Your teacher will lead a whole group discussion about what to include in a letter of apology. You'll need to explain why you yelled and screamed, threw chairs, and pushed poor little Granny across the room when you first arrived at Manzanar. You'll also need to express regret for your behavior in a way that shows you really mean it so, not the way you say "sorry" and roll your eyes when your parents make you apologize to your brother for taking his stuff without permission.

Step 7: Proofread your letter for spelling, grammar, capitalization and all that other good stuff, or ask a classmate to look it over for you. All rights reserved. View all Teaching Guides. Teaching Farewell to Manzanar Hello to Shmoopanar.

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Subscribe now. Activities: 13 Quiz Questions: In this guide, you'll find diary entries, to help students further envision life at Manzanar. Here are the deets on what you get with your teaching guide: Common Core-aligned activities to complete in class with your students, including detailed instructions for you and your students. Discussion and essay questions for all levels of students. Reading quizzes for every chapter, act, or part of the text. Resources to help make the book feel more relevant to your 21st-century students.

A note from Shmoop's teachers to you, telling you what to expect from teaching the text and how you can overcome the hurdles.

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Want more help teaching Teaching Farewell to Manzanar? Instructions for You Objective: How do you say you're sorry to thousands of innocent people for forcing them out of their homes and into crudely built camps surrounded by barbed wire? Materials Needed: Access to Suzuki's diary ; the Diary Entry Chart included as a handout ; lined paper or word processors for letter writing Step 1: Ask students what comes to mind when they hear the word " setting. Please note that ebooks and other digital media downloads are not returnable and all sales are final.

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The legwork is done for you. The chapter-by-chapter guide incorporates research-based, higher-order reading, writing, and thinking activities. If you're looking for a study guide for a specific book, Novel Units probably has it covered! They produce hundreds of literature guides - only a sampling of them are listed here. Teacher Guides are pages - not voluminous, but enough for good coverage of the book. Format of the guides vary somewhat by grade level, but have some common elements.

They begin with a synopsis of the book and its author and some pre-reading activities that serve both to provide background for the novel study and initiate student involvement and thinking about the story.

Chapter by chapter in some guides, multiple chapters lesson plans contain vocabulary words, discussion questions with answers , and suggested activities. Some guides also include writing ideas. Some guides contain reproducible graphic organizers to aid student analysis. All include some culminating questions and activities. Again, these vary in scope and type by guide.

There are no objective or essay tests, but each guide ends with a student assessment page that provides a list of projects or exercises to be completed to help evaluate student understanding. Student Packets where available are reproducible and, again, vary somewhat by grade level and book. Answers to all questions, worksheets, and test are included in the back, along with an essay evaluation form. Really, each of these components can function as a stand-alone product and can be used without the other, but for a more comprehensive study, they are best used in concert.

There is very little overlap between the two, even in the chapter-by-chapter questions - but completing the questions in the Student Packet will help prepare your child for the more in-depth questions found in the Teacher Guide. If your child is working independently on a novel, the Student Packet can be used alone if available.

If you want to do little written work and put more emphasis on discussion, the Teacher Guide can be used by itself. As stated before, we have selected a sampling of guides at each grade level.

Farewell to Manzanar Introduction Activity; Racism and Point of View

If you like them, we'll add more! Please note that some guides have been written to correlate with a specific edition of a book.

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