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There were even moments when I felt like crying. Despite the light-hearted, fun-filled performance, the backdrop of this piece is a serious issue.

Luttley has a moment in which he becomes more thoughtful, addressing us as himself. Every birthday that passes, she is given a box of presents. She is buried in a mountain of pink presents: handbags, makeup, Vanish powder, a feather duster, a broom and then, a baby. It was an incredible visual metaphor for her loss of identity, as she got older.

What Spun Glass Theatre has done is give children, every child, a voice. Princess Charming teaches kids and adults that they can just be themselves. Charlie takes us through her kitchen, clothes and princesses. Alex shows us his ships, castles and guns. But father! Chanel immediately stands silently at the sound of her father's stern voice. He speaks more softly when he sees the look on her face. He instantly sees the face of a younger version of her, remembers her having the same look as a child when she was told she had to have the riding lesson.

You will see that this will be good for you. She stands there, upset with her father for putting her in such a situation. Over the years, he had tried to get her to settle down with no luck. Each time they ask her what is wrong with the guy, she would reply, "Nothing. Her father just sighs and shakes his head. The Princess could never explain her feelings towards her suitors. She wants a tale of love like the ones that she had read when she was younger.

She wants the same type of love that the bards write songs about. She walks slowly to her chambers, where her maid Rosy waits so she could fit her for her gown.

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Are you not excited for the upcoming ball? It would be quite the opposite. I wouldn't be able to stop smiling. You can be the one to stand there uncomfortable all night with a fake smile, pretending to be interested while a Prince from only God knows where talks about nothing but himself and how great of a King he would be — the whole time looking from me to my father to see if he looks approving of the pairing.

Yup, I have two fun nights ahead. Two days later, in the Kingdom of Zamora, Queen Michelle receives the letter of invitation to the ball at the palace of King Taylor. She is thrilled at the idea of the ball. The Princess, at a young age, did not want anything to do with what her mother considered to be proper for a young princess.

Since her teenage years, she refused to wear gowns and what she considers frilly things, which was around the time she decided she wanted to be a knight instead of a princess.

Princess Charming (Legendary Lovers, #1) by Nicole Jordan

She would ask her parents why she could not be both a princess and a knight, to which they would reply because you cannot. It was not long after that she had a woman in the kingdom put her hair into dreadlocks.

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The new hairstyle made her look more masculine, so the people of the kingdom began to call her Princess Donnie. I do very well on my own. Once the Queen finds her daughter, she informs her of the invitation that they had received. Because if it is next weekend your mother and I will not be able to attend," the King says. The King and Donnie both moan and sigh because they know what is going to happen next.

That is because you let her begin taking combat lessons behind my back. I can rule alone. I can defend and speak for myself. And as for the men in the army, they already respect me. I do not need a man by my side to rule. Any girl would have loved to have grown up like a princess, but not you.

She leaves her husband and her daughter standing there, speechless. She always feels drained and tired after an argument with her mother. She turns to walk away, but her father grabs her and pulls her into a tight hug and kisses her forehead. She wipes her face and left toward her chambers. By the time she reaches her chambers, Donnie goes from sad to angry. She and her mother have never seen eye to eye. From the time she was twelve and her mother told her it was time to grow up, to dress and behave more like a proper princess, Donnie would always ask what it meant to behave like a proper princess.

She had always thought that because her mother and father are King and Queen that she was already a proper Princess, but to her mother being a proper princess was not running around, jumping, and play dueling with her father. It was dresses, hair, tea parties, and discussing boys with her which, when Donnie was forced to do these things, never went well. Donnie enters her chambers to sees Mari sitting at her desk, waiting.

It has been the same look for what seemed like their entire life. Let him know I will be there tomorrow to have a look. Donnie laughs wildly at the newfound expression of excitement that came across Mari's face and how fast she leaves.

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Any other time Mari was given tasks to do she moved slowly, but anytime the task was to go see Alice, Mari moves with the swiftness of the wind to go see that woman. When Princess Donnie arrives, the Kingdom of Devonshire is all a buzz because of the ball.

She could see that everyone had pitched in from the stable boy to the town baker. Donnie watches as people move hastily around her, trying to make things perfect for the ball. She walks up the steps, looking around at the beautiful sculptures. At the entrance she is met by a knowing look from the doorman. He is obviously trying to figure out who or what she is.

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She tells the older man her name and again is met with a questioning look, mixed with bewilderment. He takes her invitation and checks it against the list he has. He once again looks at her strangely, marks her off the list, and lets her pass with an uneasy smile.

The ballroom is lovely. The light from the chandelier makes the room glitter like diamonds. Long banquet tables with drink and food that make the room smell delicious. Wonderful music from the band fills the air. People are laughing, drinking, dancing all around like they have no care in the world. Donnie looks around and spots Princess Chanel standing there in the most beautiful lilac-colored full-length gown. Her hair hangs in loose curls.