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The Phantom of Venice

There's adventure, mystery, romance, and, of course, the enchanting backdrop of Venice, Italy. Fans of the series should definitely try this one out.

The idea of Nancy Drew came from Edward Stratemeyer in He also had other series, that included the Hardy Boys, but he died in before the Nancy Drew series became famous. During the Depression, they asked Benson to take a pay cut and she refused, which is when Karig wrote the books.

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He was fired from writing more books because of his refusal to honor the request that he keep his work as Carolyn Keene a secret. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please see our privacy policy. We want your feedback! Click here.

Subjects Mystery Young Adult Fiction. Mystery Young Adult Fiction.

Series: Nancy Drew

More about Carolyn Keene. The Phantom of Venice Embed. Media The Phantom of Venice.

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Wanderer "Checkerboard" cover by Bob Berran: probably supposed to be the same scene as the Garrido cover, only this time the figure's face is showing, and Nancy is not in her nightwear. Tara is still not pictured. Minstrel cover by Aleta Jenks: page - Nancy and Don are on their way to stake out the glassworks in Murano - they travel by motorboat in the evening, but they are not being pursued by anyone. Eurotrash Nancy and Venetian skyline; inset figure represents the Marchese's masquerade ball.

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Tammi Finnish cover by Pentti Kareinen: generalized unconnected scene of mysterious woman on boat in Venetian canal; male figure in the foreground is probably Gianni as he looks generally studly, and I prefer to think that the girl is Tara since Nancy is not the clingy type.

This chronological listing of printings mimics the identification system developed by David Farah for his guide on Nancy Drew. He has given me permission to replicate his system for the purpose of categorizing the paperbacks from this series.

The Phantom of Venice (Nancy Drew #78)

The Phantom of Venice. Tara Egan - girl about Nancy's age Signora Dandolo - pensione owner Zorzi - her year old son Rolf Egan - Tara's father; believed to have been killed Angela Spinelli - Egan's lady friend Marchese Francesco del Falcone - wealthy Venetian; owner of Vetreria del Falcone glassworks on Murano Pietro Rinaldi - master glassblower Domenic - Falcone's cadaverous butler who wears an eyepatch Eufemia - Falcone maid Don Madison - representative from Crystalia Glass, in training as glassblower Ezio and Isabella Gatti - exporters S Oliver Joyce - gun-toting collector and dealer in objets d'art mustachioed costumer Commandante Manin - Venice police chief Coral - Don's fiancee in Ohio Kevin - guest at ball in pirate costume Hans Aacht - scar-faced South African friend of Egan's, illegal diamond buyer.

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The Diamante network has ties to the Mafia : Katrina van Holst - Dutch photo-journalist ringleader Signor Rubini - plant manager at Vetreria unnamed gunman Giovanni "Gianni" Spinelli - Angela's vain and good-looking brother Motivation: Diamante is a gang which considers diamond smuggling their own personal domain - trying to retrieve large uncut diamond that Hans slipped past the cartel.

Nancy drinks wine during her dinner with Don Nancy views a Titian painting at the Ca d'Oro; she wanted especialy to see it because of her hair color A reference to previous adventure 77 The Bluebeard Room is made on page Armada UK Format "B" and "C" cover by unattributed artist: page - during the figure's second visit, Nancy is awakened by Tara's screams - this time there is no mention make of the skull face. Nancy is in bed in her nightgown, and the room is sumptuously appointed as befits the guest room in a Palazzo. Forlagshuset Norwegian cover by unknown artist: same scene as UK covers above.

Tammi Finnish cover by unknown artist: same scene as UK covers above.