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A continuation of Book No. Lovely not-quite-square teapot stand with partial beadwork, partial embroidery.


Abstract design, in muted colors, but looks nice in more vivid colors as well. Dozens of Teneriffe circle motif designs, with some unusual ones, and suggestions for doilies, centerpieces, collars and cuffs. Folder with 10 lithographed traditional cross-stitch patterns. Some are reminiscent of Assisi embroidery. Scanned and published by permission of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The second album with traditional embroidery patterns from Toni Teschendorff. A folder with ten lithographed plates. Scanned and published by permission of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

Simple charted designs to use with a variety of needlework techniques, which are also illustrated and described Italian Cutwork, point lace, netting, filet lace and filet crochet, drawn thread work. An interesting tassel design for a bag. Excellent description and instructions for Hardanger embroidery, with illustrations and plates - squares, edgings and inserts.

Price Twenty-Five Shillings.


Extensive description of gentlemen's clothes patterns around the turn of the 20th Century. Instructions and illustrations for making bobbin lace; patterns for a variety of fine lace borders. Charts for filet crochet, beadwork, darned netting, cross-stitch, etc. Permission to use image from ebay seller thecollectionroom, charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

Images donated by ebay seller joan, charted by Sytske Wijnsma. Pattern from her grandmother's needlework studio in Manhattan, LaMer's Studio, from , where she taught needlework and did work for musea and famous customers.

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One of the squares has instructions for twist stitch; an early publication of what is now called roll stitch or bullion stitch in crochet. Also two tapestry or beadwork charts and craft instructions for a picture frame, garden gloves and a card case. Two handpainted alphabets, on one Berlin woolwork pattern. The alphabets each have an extra small motif tucked into an open space. Handpainted Berlin woolwork pattern, oak branch with acorns. The makers name has been cut off.

Handpainted Berlin woolwork square pattern. Design is an urn with yellow roses and a guirlande of leaves and pink ribbons, in a geometric border. Tatting instructins, edgings, insertions, medallions, collars, yokes, baby cap, alphabet. Yokes, table runner, boudoir cap, slippers, doilies, fringed edgings, and some unusual crocheted flowers.

Seventeen different iron-on transfer embroidery patterns, maker unknown, various motifs, and letters M and S. A simple design for patterned velvet, in four colors not counting the background. The motifs appear to be each others mirror-image, but are not. They are charted closer to each other than in the original design. Great for a subdued repeating pattern, or powdering small images over a larger area.


First volume out of three, with Latvian knitting, weaving, and embroidery patterns. Thirty pages of charted designs. A treasury of traditional patterns for needleworkers! The series has been reprinted in Latvia. The difference between the reprint and the original edition is that the reprint does not have the cyrillic title and text pages. Vere Foster's complete course of Drawing. Price Ninepence. New Edition, in Eighteen Parts.

Each Part complete in iteself. Freehand Series.

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Leaves from Nature - Ornamental Foliage. At one point the embroiderer changed colors. It's clearly visible on the back that there's an actual change of colors, and not change to another thread of the same color but less resistance to bleaching in the sun. Typical Victorian beaded tray, lovely pattern. Scroll pattern in gold blue and red with a grey background.

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  • Green Job (Marketing e management) (Italian Edition).
  • The Soul of Chester Doyle (The Damned Ryan Mysteries Book 5).
  • Nick and Lilac;

Intricate beadwork is still in very good condition, there are some missing bead areas along the border. Piece is mounted on a custom oak board with small bun feet one foot is missing. Very unusual piece to add to your vintage beadwork collection. Dimensions are 22" wide by 9" deep by 3" tall. Permission to use images by ebay seller lefflerantiques, charted by Sytske Wijnsma.

Lovely beaded necklace, closed with a ribbon, with four pieces of bead weaving connected by double beaded chains. A very similar pattern was listed in Penelope. Images donated by ebay seller newenglandestate. Manufacturer's sample book of embroidery and beading patterns - corners, borders, ornaments, aprons, chemises, bags, pincushions, monograms, etc.

Huge collection of 19th century American design. Album from the same series as Filet Ancien, mainly whitework models and some cross-stitch.

  • Der Ruf des Kookaburra: Roman (German Edition).
  • Two Dachshunds at Troy - A dog’s tale.
  • Books by Crochet Crone (Author of Chakra Goddess Counted Cross Stitch Pattern)?

Patterns and instructions for making paper doll furniture out of cardboard and colored paper. Early Victorian mittens, baby and children's items, socks, muffatees, fringes, purses and bags, comforters, scarves, shawls, cuffs. This publication contains drafts selected for their pictorial interest.

The original contains many basic drafts besides, but as these can be found in nearly every basic weaving manual, they were not included here. Some patterns have been completed if part of the pattern was invisible or damaged. Embroidery for household linens and clothing - illustrations and some large tracing patterns at the back of the book. Forty pages of bicolored monograms. All combinations of letters are present. This is the same publication on which Dover based its reprint. A truly fabulous Berlin woolwork stitch sampler.

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The only other documentation so far is a book called Emma Werla's Musterband, printed in the eighties, and still occasionally available secondhand. Langer Straminstreifen, bestickt mit 44 Flachenmustern in mehrfarbiger Wolle und Seide in verschiedenen Sticharten, 1 Chenillestickerei, 1 Muster in buntem Tuch aufgelegt, von schwarzer Kreuzstichkante eingefasst. Handpainted Berlin pattern of ten different butterflies, small to large.

Ebay seller raezza gave permission to use her listing photographs. Detailed descriptions of the many embroidery stitches used in charted patterns, as well as charts for alphabets, historic, formal and floral borders, church and heraldic motifs, intricate birds, butterflies, flowers. Many of these patterns work for filet crochet, beading, charted knitting, etc.

Excellent instructions for making the lace from loosely woven linen with patterns for table linens, cushions, cases, lampshade, collars, etc. Some beautiful designs are shown, but without tracing patterns. Lovely silk embroidery; many stitches illustrated and described for shaded flowers and garlands, monograms, and a quaint rabbit. Starting with the basic embroidery points employed in this work, and building on that with simple projects, quickly progressing to rather involved looking work. A rare Priscilla publication.

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There exists another Priscilla book on Italian cutwork. From the collection of Folva Miller, donated by her grandson Charles Kite. Border design with leaves in three colours, yellow blue red, although this is easily executed in other colours. Handpainted Berlin woolwork pattern. Floral garland, not quite closed, with a variety of flowers. More than forty colors. Needlework pattern, circa , Germany, by L W Wittich. Te Papa GH Another dog on a cushion, but an unusual breed, rarely seen on embroidery patterns.